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Intersections is an initiative to create safe spaces for healing and dialogue around trauma.  Fee-for-service workshops and collaborative art projects help to connect the pieces of trauma.  Please read on to learn about our current workshops.

DIY Healing Space Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to educate participants on healing safe space, how these spaces can help survivors of trauma, and how to artistically create your own healing space.  The program takes place over several sessions and includes presentations on safe space, trauma, and coping skills.  The participants will create their own collage sculpture as a tool for healing, awareness, and empowerment.


Currently, the goal is to focus this workshop on advocates for trauma survivors (activists, community organizers, therapists, and others working with trauma survivors).


For the art project, each participant will paint, collage, and embellish a box that serves as a physical manifestation of their own safe space.  The "DIY Healing Space" will serve as a therapeutic support to cope with stress. 


Participants will be invited to join in the interviewing portion of this project.  The interviews will serve as a way to document the experiences of those affected by trauma.  The content will be used to create a collaborative art installation.  We hope for the Healing Space Project to serve as a starting point that leads to future artistic awareness projects.


 The idea for this project is inspired by my own struggles to find a healing space at different points in my life as a survivor of violence and trauma.  I hope to learn a great deal from participants and create effective programming that supports healing, awareness, and empowerment.


If you would like to bring this workshop to your workplace/institution/etc. please contact us here to learn more:

Preeti Pathak: 



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