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How to Get Involved

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Participate in the #ConsentIs Campaign

Join PAVE National's #ConsentIs Campaign!  Order your wristband and write in what consent means to you.  Share a picture of yourself wearing your band, along with a message about why you are participating in the the #ConsentIs movement.  Help us to raise awareness about consent so we can create dialogue to prevent sexual violence.

Download the "Shatter the Silence" App

Get the "Shatter the Silence App" on your smartphone, brought to you by PAVE National and the Clery Center for Security.


The App provides education, resources, interactive multimedia tools, and instant EMERGENCY functionality that will contact the police, find nearby emergency medical care using geolocation technology, and connect you to immediate support from trained violence intervention specialists.

Promote Gender-Based Violence Awareness Programs

Don't have time to attend meetings, but still want to be involved?  Join our mailing list and follow us on our social media platforms.  We regularly promote all awareness programs in the community.  Share our posts, print and distribute flyers, or start up a conversation with others to shatter the silence of sexual violence.

Support our Efforts through In-Kind Donations

Help us to build PAVE Philly programming by donating today.  We appreciate any help you can provide.  Donations will go toward expenses related to PAVE Philly programming such as printing costs, space rentals, speakers, etc.  Thanks for your support.

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Use Art as a Tool to Shatter the Silence!


PAVE Philly believes art can be used as a tool to shatter the silence of sexual violence.  Are you an artist with a vision and desire to volunteer?  Then contact us to collaborate on creations tackling sexual violence.


CLICK HERE to review the "Artist Submission Guidelines" document to learn more.




An easy, effective method of spreading knowledge is through visual campaigns.  We are bombarded with visual campaigns throughout our entire day.  And even when we try to tune it out, the messages around us effect us.  Sociologists and many others have studied this phenomenon for decades.  PAVE uses the power of advertising messages to create change and raise awareness.




1.  Pick the campaign that speaks to you and download the files.

2. Create a list of areas to "flyer" aka hang the posters (think local businesses, coffee shops, bookstores, telephone poles, etc.).

3. Build a team of volunteers who are interested in flyering.

4. Print enough copies of materials to post in your target neighborhoods (look for donated printing services such as asking your workplace, business contacts, or print shops).

5. Hit the streets and post/flyer away!  Help spread a message of awareness to others and shatter the silence!

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Celebrity – NO MORE Poster Campaign

NO MORE is a new unifying symbol designed to galvanize greater awareness and action to end domestic violence and sexual assault.  Supported by major organizations working to address these urgent issues, NO MORE is gaining support with Americans nationwide, sparking new conversations about these problems and moving this cause higher on the public agenda


PAVE has partnered with No More to distribute a poster series you can distribute all over your community featuring celebrities such as Courteney Cox, Amy Poehler, and Ice T.

Alcohol Awareness/ Consent Coaster Campaign

PAVE created a Consent Coaster Campaign in coalition with the Chicago Chapter of NOW. These coasters were distributed to bars around the city of Chicago in an effort to raise awareness on date rape and alcohol.


Initiate your own campaign by downloading the coaster art, creating coasters, and distributing them to local bars.  


Spread awareness about date rape and how alcohol is no excuse to confuse consent with one’s ability to clearly say yes or no.

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