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"The courage to be me: A story of courage, self-compassion and hope after sexual abuse"


A book that  combines science, storytelling and illustration to send a message of hope to the millions of people who are living with the impact of rape or sexual abuse. Written by psychologist and researcher Dr Nina Burrowes and available to read for free online.





"Priya's Shakti"


A fictional story of Goddess Parvati 's experience learning about sexual violence on earth.  After learning that her devotee Priya has been raped, Parvati takes a journey to dismantle rape culture and shatter the silence of sexual violence.





"Rape is a Crime: Report It, Prevent it"


A graphic novel sharing the experience of a young girl who is gang raped.  This powerful story includes tips on recieving medical care after an assault and reporting to law enforcement.





"Stop Telling Women to Smile"


A street art project addressing gender based street harassment by artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.





Rede Nami (Panmela Castro): Grafitti Art Combatting Sexual Violence


Grafitti art addressing Gender-Based Violence .





Asking for a Friend COVER.jpg

"Asking for a Friend" by Philly Reproductive Freedom Collective


Zine resource on reproductive options for those who are pregnant.




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