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As the Executive Director, Angela Rose has cultivated PAVE into a national organization and continues to inspire others throughout the country and abroad to join the movement to end sexual violence.

At the age of seventeen, Angela Rose was abducted at knifepoint while leaving her job at a shopping mall in the suburbs of Chicago. She was taken and then assaulted by a repeat sex offender on parole for murder. Angela was eventually let go by the perpetrator; still bruised and disoriented, Rose was then shocked at the treatment of her case by the authorities and the prevalence of victim blame. All of the anguish that existed during the abduction was immediately replaced by anger and a strong sense of vigilance.

Angela worked with the perpetrator’s previous victims as well as the community to help enact the Illinois Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act in 1998. Upon attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Angela responded to the lack of activism on this crucial issue by founding the organization PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment) in February of 2001. PAVE worked to create education and action surrounding the issues of sexual violence, while being inclusive to all individuals and their experiences.


Angela travels the country and abroad educating audiences including colleges, military, law enforcement, and international groups on issues of sexual violence.  Her efforts have been featured on CNN, The Today Show, TIME Magazine, and other national news outlets.


Please visit the PAVE National website to learn more and access additional resources: 


Angela Rose, Founder, PAVE National

Preeti Pathak, Chair, PAVE Philly

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